The importance of surf schools

Surf is a hugely popular sport in California. The long Pacific coast and excellent beaches have tourism as an important partner. Even with its popularity, we can say that the sport keeps growing and it becomes more desired every day. With the growing demand for surfing, the offer also became a necessity along the coast. …

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How to “read” waves

When surfing, one of the most frequently asked questions is: how do the waves break? How will a wave break over a particular ocean topography? And when you have the answers to these questions, you’ll always know when and where to paddle – left, right or if the wave is not even worth paddling for. …

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Surf Etiquette

  Everyone who has ever tried it, loves to surf. That can make the choice breaks pretty crowded. Something every surfer should know is surf ettiquette. Most of you have seen it. Two or more surfers paddling into the same wave. They both catch it, now what? Think traffic, who ever arrived at the stop …

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