So You Booked Your Surf Lesson, Now What?

May 9, 2018

Welcome! We are beyond stoked to have you and can’t wait to surf with you!

So, you just booked your surf lesson, now what? Good question and we are here to help! Here we’ll lay out 6 easy steps to ensure that you make it to your lesson on time, fully prepared, and ready to have a blast!


Step 1: Find our store front located at 4121 Mission Blvd. San Diego, CA 92109

If you are driving, there is free parking in all the neighborhoods behind our shop, or there is paid parking across the street. We recommend that you give yourself around 20 minutes before your lesson incase you need to find parking. Once you have found parking, come on in!


Step 2: Check-in at the front desk and proceed to one of the iPads to sign a waiver if you have not done so already. When you sign a waiver, your reservation will also show you who your instructor is well as a picture of them.

Once you have finished this, our front desk worker will give you a rash-guard to be worn during your lesson and direct you to the beach!


Step 3: Walk across the street, following the “Blue Sea Hotel” sign.

Our tent is located on the beach directly in front of the hotel.

We will be under the two red canopies with flags, wetsuits and surfboards. If your surf lesson is during the summer season, there will be an office worker at the table under the tent to help you through your next steps. If not, your instructor will.


Step 4: Meet your instructor!

Once you find your instructor, he/she will then get you fitted for your wetsuit! Once you’re all set with your wetsuit and have put on the blue rash-guard, you’re ready to start your lesson!


Step 5: The land lesson!

All of our surf lessons begin with a short land lesson where your instructor will teach you the basics of water entry, water safety, and a land instruction to help you perfect your pop-up and stance when riding your first waves!

Ask your instructor any questions you might have and address any concerns as well! They are here to help YOU!


Step 6: The most important step of all!

Head to the water with your surf instructor.