Surfing and the Sea: Healing your Mind, Body and Soul

May 23, 2018

Who knew the best medicine was just a quick vacation away? Not only has visiting the beach been proven as mentally beneficial, it has now been proven time and time again to effectively heal physical ailments as well. The sea provides its salinity, iodine, saline air, and many more useful attributes.

Salt in many of its forms, has been known to work as an aid for respiratory illness, as well as reducing the symptoms of allergies. Whether it’s salt water or salty air, the benefits are just incredible. Proven benefits include the following:

– Alleviation of respiratory allergies

– Sinusitis

– Asthma

– Convalescence of colds and other respiratory diseases

– Problems caused by smoking

– Intoxication by chemical agents

It has also proven to reverse the damage of the bones and is known to repair the pains of:

– Displacements

– Distortions

– Fractures

– Osteoarthritis

– Joint pain

– Osteoporosis

– Spondylosis

– Rheumatic diseases

When it comes to the skin, the sea, salt water, and saline air have shown that they can also reduce:

– Psoriasis

– Eczema

– Dermatitis

– Seborrheic acne

As you can see, the ocean is such a healing power, proven to help so many people time and time again. And because of it, anemic conditions, gynecological diseases, hypothyroidism and the lymphatic system have improved exponentially.

Salt water therapy, in so many words, has been used as a medication for several years. The following are just some of the ways that the ocean can help us heal:

It Helps us Breathe

Decades ago, doctors used to recommend to their patients suffering from respiratory illness as well as other physical ailments to move near the ocean. Reason being is that the air near the coast, contains a greater amount of normal salts than minerals: sodium and magnesium chloride, iodine, calcium, potassium, bromine and silicon. They come from the waves breaking against the coast and the splashes of sea water raised by the wind in the air. Because of this, breathing and lung illnesses have been shown to improve significantly since the early days.

Marine water is composed of more than 80 chemical elements. It mainly alleviates muscle tensions, thanks to the presence of sodium in its composition – so it is considered energizing. And the movement of the waves against a body stimulates the peripheral blood circulation, causing an increase in the oxygenation of the cells.

Combats water retention.

Many people suffer from water retention during the warmer season of the year. There is a considerable concentration of mineral salts found in seawater. And this, due to a molecular process called osmosis, favors the elimination, through the skin, of the liquids that have accumulated in the tissues, resulting in great advantages for the circulation of the legs.

Fight the extra pounds.

Being in salt water helps people shed a few extra pounds. The salts found in seawater stimulate the nerve endings of the epidermis (skin), resulting in an acceleration of the metabolism: the body, in turn, then burns food and fat faster.

Muscle strengthens.

Swimming relaxes muscles, quickly giving much more mobility to joints blocked by arthritis and other related pains.

So as you can see, salt water, salt air, and just living near the sea has proven time and time again to heal so many of our bodies ailments and increase happiness in all that do so!