Pacific Surf School

1. Why Pacific Surf School?

Pacific Surf School is the best surf school worldwide, with numerous camps located in San Diego, Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Bali, Brazil, and Hawaii. Pacific Surf School has a locale perfect for your learning desire. Awarded best surf school by the San Diego Union Tribune, Pacific Surf School guarantees to have you standing on the board by the end of your first lesson.

2. Where are you located?

Pacific Surf School has many locations around the world. Our San Diego locations are in Pacific Beach/Mission Beach, and Ocean Beach. Pacific Beach is at the end of Pacific Beach Drive between towers 23 and 24 directly in front of the Blue Sea Hotel right on the sand! Ocean Beach is located at the end of Santa Monica Street just north of the Ocean Beach Pier directly in front of the main lifeguard tower.

3. How early should I arrive?

Parking, especially on weekends can be a challenge, so allow yourself at least 30 minutes before class to ensure a parking spot.

4. What should I bring to a Pacific Surf School surf class?

Come already wearing your swimsuit and bring a towel, sunglasses, hat, and a change of clothing. We recommend SPF 50 sunscreen. You will want to stay hydrated at the beach so water and drinks are a must. There are vendors in the area but you should always be prepared.

5. Where do I meet for the surf camp?

For the first day (Monday) of surf camp, we meet at our shop at 707 Pacific Beach Drive at 8:30am.

6. What should my child bring to camp?

Campers should bring a labeled backpack or bag, a healthy lunch and snacks, pocket money if desired, a long sleeve sweatshirt or jacket, towel, sunscreen, shoes, and a drink.

7. What should I do if I wear contacts?

If you wear disposable ones, you will be okay. Otherwise, you can wear an old pair and close your eyes tightly when underwater. You may also want to use swim goggles.

8. What is the water temperature like?

During the summer months, the water temperature ranges between 65ºF – 71ºF in California. In all our other locations, the water is warm. Like everybody knows…..Bali, Hawaii and Costa Rica.

9. Do we get to use wetsuits?

Pacific Surf School will provide a wetsuit if you need one. If you have your own suit, you are welcome to use it.

10. Do I have to use a wetsuit or can I bring my own?

You can wear your own wetsuit! If you don’t want to wear a wetsuit, it is advisable that you bring a pair of surf shorts/board shorts to use with a rash guard that we provide for you.

11. What kind of instructors do you have?

All of our instructors are experienced surfers and soul surfers for over 10 years. Some are even pros! They are all certified in CPR, first aid, and water safety.

12. Do I get a discount for bringing my own equipment?

We do not give discounts for students that bring their own equipment.

13. Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts to groups larger than ten people, birthday parties, and discounts advertised by Pacific Surf School.

14. Do you rent surf boards after our lessons?

You are welcome to rent surf boards after your lesson if we have the equipment available.

15. Are there restrooms or changing rooms nearby?

Some locations. Please wear bathing suit underneath your clothing for quick change.

16. How good of a swimmer do I need to be?

You need to be able to swim with your head above water and must be able to swim to shore. Smaller kids and weak swimmers will be kept in shallow waters and our instructors are always with the students at all times.

17. What kind of preparation can I do to help my surfing?

Overnight campers can prepare your bodies at least one month prior to camp by swimming, stretching, doing push-ups, rowing exercises and preparing your biceps and triceps. Yoga is an excellent complement for people who take surfing seriously.

18. What kind of diet is recommended for surfers?

Surf is a very dynamic sport and you need lots of energy and explosive strength. A good balanced healthy diet is always recommended for any physical activity. Please consult your physician if in doubt.

19. Are there stores and restaurants in the area?

Our school and overnight camps are situated within close distance of popular restaurants, as well as clothing stores and supermarkets. There are a variety of restaurants and stores in the nearby area. “World Famous” Fish Tacos and a great lunch or dinner is available at World Famous, located right on the corner of Pacific Beach Drive and the beach. Other Local San Diego coffee shops and restaurants are within a short walking distance from our school!

20. Do you have gift certificates?

Yes……..call us at (858) 488-2685.