Fast guide for women that want to learn how to surf

July 30, 2019

Frequent questions that many women ask when thinking about learning how to surf.

Do you see yourself as a girl or woman that would love to learn how to surf but feels insecure and doubts just thinking about it? Usually, our fears limit us and they are built on lack of information.
Therefore, we listed some frequently asked questions that might be on your mind. Probably, with some of these answers, you will feel more secure and encouraged to follow through, put a swimming suit on and jump in the water.

Do I need a teacher?

You don’t need a teacher to learn how to surf but, we highly recommend it! Having a surfing lesson will assist you to learn about safety and will definitely help you learn faster how to surf.
You can always have group lessons but, if you have the option, the best option is to have a private surf lesson. A little push is always helpful.

What are the best places to learn how to surf?

This is a primary question because it can determine your success or a major trauma.
The idea is not to tell you all the best beaches in the world to learn how to surf but to give you information to evaluate what are the best wave characteristics for learning.
As we stated previously, the best option is to have a surfing lesson, and you can find surf schools on beaches that are good for learning. Either way, you are looking for chubby and slow waves. On beaches like that, you can find quite a lot of longboard surfers.
In San Diego, great options are some locations in Pacific Beach and Mission Beach.

Which board do I use to learn?

The best board to learn is a longboard. Those boards are longer and wider consequently their flotation proves more stability.
With boards like that your chance of standing up is higher.
Soft boards are great options because in case of impact they don’t hurt and they have great flotation.

How long until I am surfing?

This answer depends on your skill with sports and your balance. It also depends on your capability to face your feard and dedication. Surfing is not an easy sport but with a little bit of ability you will stand up in your first lesson and we have to tell you that is one of the most rewarding experiences.
Also, persistence is the main key, so more you practice better you are going to get.

We are a surf school in San Diego and we would love to help you to learn how to surf! We guarantee you stand up on your first lesson and it can be a great start for you to fall in love with this sport.
Pacific Surf School is the Best Surfing School in San Diego. Get in touch with our school or book your lesson online.