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Surfing with Dolphins

Dolphins swimming

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to play with dolphins. Now raise your hand if you’ve ever paid a couple hundred dollars to see dolphins whether you were in a tropical place and the local aquarium or even resort offered that experience. Well obviously I can’t see who is raising their hand because this is an online blog but… I would love to share a few facts with you about why you shouldn’t be spending your money on those types of activities and rather why you should surfing with wild dolphins.

Dolphins swimmingDolphins are very smart mammals that travel together in pods. They have been known to act very friendly around humans. Don’t get me wrong, if you give threaten them they will protect themselves and their young. It can also be a little shocking when first seeing the fin. Many people have reported to have been afraid at first thinking they saw a shark which is understandable but the difference is in the dorsal fin. Research has also shown that in most cases, seeing a pod of dolphins close to shore means no sharks! Truly one of the most surreal experiences is being out on a wave and seeing a pod of dolphins close by racing you down the wave. Even just being out in the ocean and seeing their playful activity is quite the experience. So at most, go spend a few bucks to rent a board and wetsuit from Pacific Surf and head out to pacific beach or mission beach and there’s a great chance you’ll see a few dolphins. A few other places besides San Diego that are known for seeing dolphins surfing Dolphins swimmingthe waves are the coasts of Santa Barbara, South Africa, Australia and a few spots in Hawaii. Whether our ancestors learned surfing from the dolphins or the dolphins learned surfing from our ancestors, we may never know but what we do know is that it is an equally appreciated activity among both!

Another thing worth mentioning is that because surfing with the dolphins is such an awesome experience that we want everyone to experience, it is imperative that we keep our oceans clean. The more pollution and trash we allow to reach the ocean and affect the sea life the less opportunities we will have to enjoy cohabitation. So please be mindful of where you throw your trash! Thank you!

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