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Mission Statement

Surf Lessons San Diego

Our Mission and Philosophy

Man surfingSurfing is a unique experience that can be considered both an art form and an athletic pursuit. It is a lifestyle, a way of life and a great recreational activity that promotes physical fitness, great health, alleviates and relieves stress, and allows you to be in touch with nature!

“There is nothing that a good day of surf won’t cure” – it’s very therapeutic! To be able to go surfing after a hectic day’s work is great for both body and soul. Surfing is something you can do by yourself or with friends to have fun, keep fit, or get away from it all.

People learning to surfPacific Surf School is proud to share our surfing knowledge and expertise so that everyone can enjoy the ocean as much as we do. Surfing is an activity that everyone can enjoy at their own level. Many of our students have taken one or two lessons, become addicted to surfing, buy their own board and wetsuit and never look back! Others enjoy the personal attention and group atmosphere of lessons and come weekly to surf with their new surfing buddies.

Pacific Surf School has successfully formed surfers and introduced thousands of people to the world of surfing, exposing them to its benefits of spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Whatever your goals, surfing is challenging, fun, and a great way to keep fit and meet people. The decision to learn to surf is guaranteed to open up a whole new way of life for you!


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