Why Booking a Surf Lesson Will Make You a Better Surfer

June 21, 2019
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Read on and discover why booking a surf lesson with Pacific Surf now will make you a much better surfer in the future.

If you dream of becoming a surfer, then the best place to begin your journey is with a surf lesson. This applies to just about everyone — even if you’re already familiar with other board sports, such as snowboarding of skateboarding.

The reason for this is that there’s so much more to surfing than simply grabbing your board and hitting the waves. Things like the beach you’re surfing at, the equipment you’re using, and your technique will all determine just how well you’ll perform. Add the fact that you’re dealing with the whims of Mother Nature while in the water and the whole learning process becomes much more complicated.

Booking a surf lesson with Pacific Surf is, therefore, the best option for beginner surfers. Not only will we show you the basics, but we’ll also make you a more well-rounded waterman or woman. Check out some of our techniques to make you a successful surfer below:

Supervised introduction

Many would be wave riders have had terrible first experiences when it comes to surfing. Being caught in a rip, bowled over by the shore-break or separated from your board are just some examples of surfing gone bad. But that doesn’t mean your first attempt at surfing has to go this way.

By booking a surf lesson with Pacific Surf, you can look forward to a fully-supervised introduction to surfing that ensures you’re eased into the experience. This begins with our qualified instructors assessing your skill level.

We then provide a thorough lesson on the basics of surfing on the beach before you even hit the water and monitor every wave you catch. Thus, guaranteeing your first surf session goes smoothly and that you develop a positive first impression.

Proper Technique

Bad habits can seriously cripple your progress. With some poor practices stopping you from leveling up your surfing skills altogether.

The good news is that by booking a surf lesson with Pacific Surf, any bad habits you may have picked-up will be totally ironed out.

This is done by first identifying which behaviors or actions are having a negative impact on your performance. We then show you how you can change for the better by drawing from over 20 plus years of surf school expertise. Before you know it old habits that were holding you back will be eliminated, and you’ll feel yourself getting better with every wave.

Water safety

The ocean can be a dangerous place. Strong currents and a shallow impact zone are just two examples of problem areas for beginner surfers. This makes having an understanding of the general water safety imperative for newcomers. Which is why we also coach you on various best practices as they pertain to surfing.

Our reasons for instructing you on the basics of water safety are twofold. Firstly, it ensures you understand the risks involved with surfing so as to better manage them while in the water. Secondly, it allows you to feel more confident about standing up on a surfboard for the first time, which contributes to better performance and a more satisfying learn to surf experience.

Supportive environment

Our instructors are patient, caring, and highly qualified at their job. We also employ people who know how to work with individuals of all backgrounds and athletic abilities. Another great thing about them in addition to their coaching skills, however, is their ability to create a supportive environment for everyone in our classes.

By learning in a supportive environment, you’ll be better equipped to handle the ups and downs that come with surfing for the very first time. Falling off, for instance, becomes an opportunity to correct your mistake, rather than an outright failure. While each success you have is celebrated using positive reinforcement.

The end result is that you feel motivated to continue surfing, instead of simply giving up after a few failed attempts, and become hooked on this exciting pastime for years to come.

Book a surf lesson with Pacific Surf in San Diego today and become a better surfer in a shorter amount of time!

By Lachland Campbell