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Muscles for Surfers

What muscles do you use when you surf? Well, this blog will be an informative science excerpt that will hopefully help you get a better understanding of surf anatomy as well as which muscles you should be strengthening to help prevent your body from injury. Lets start...
Best professional tips for beginners

Best professional tips for beginners

For beginner surfers, one of the best things to learn faster and get amped to surf is to listen to tips and stories from more experienced and professional surfers. They have been through everything. They were beginners some decades ago, so they know exactly what to...

How it is surfing at night?

Surfing is a great sport. However, often are times when your local spot is too crowded in the daylight, so what do you do? Opt for the time when people are less crowded, when you can have the ocean to yourself, and enjoy your favorite sport. In this case, surfing at...

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