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Surf Etiquette

  Everyone who has ever tried it, loves to surf. That can make the choice breaks pretty crowded. Something every surfer should know is surf ettiquette. Most of you have seen it. Two or more surfers paddling into the same wave. They both catch it, now what? Think...

How it is surfing at night?

Surfing is a great sport. However, often are times when your local spot is too crowded in the daylight, so what do you do? Opt for the time when people are less crowded, when you can have the ocean to yourself, and enjoy your favorite sport. In this case, surfing at...
Surfing rules and etiquette

Surfing rules and etiquette

Surfing is an interesting sport. One of the only that has a moving, always changing arena. It is also individual, “played” without official rules, among dozens of other surfers who want the same wave as you. Although there are no hard-set rules, there is an unwritten...

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