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Stoked…you’ve finally decided to take the ultimate plunge that will forever change your life by signing up for a surf lesson.

Maybe you’re the best parent ever and you’ve just enrolled your kids in Surf Camp San Diego. Now you’re interested in immortalizing the adventure with some still photography. Look no further. Using the most advanced camera equipment the photographer provides the ability to capture your first wave the moment it happens, and also your first crash! Take advantage of their skills and equipment.

Adding a photo package onto your lesson is simple. Check the Photo Package box on the sign-up screen of the website.

Please Note: Photo packages can be burned onto as many discs as requested as the price is per surfer. The more surfers in a photo package, the better the prices get!

Photo Prices
1 surfer2 surfers3 surfers4 surfers
$ 40.00$ 35.00/each$ 30.00/each$ 25.00/each


FAQs About Our Photo Package

What kind of photographs can I expect?

High quality full-resolution professional photographs with full image rights. Make prints, share on Facebook and Twitter, post on Instagram or email to your friends and family for supreme bragging rights.

We at Pacific Surf School pride ourselves in providing top tier surf lessons. That pride trickles through every avenue of the school, including our photography. Our photographers are trained the Pacific Surf School way and are held to the highest standards. You’ll never even know we were there as telephoto lenses let us get in your face from a distance. The photographers are taught to be aware of certain details that only a true water man would notice. We combine portraiture with candid and action photography to capture and create your surf story.

Should I give advance notice?

Absolutely. If you forgot to sign up for your photo package online, please inform the photographer so he/she will make sure to pay extra attention to you.

And remember, without photos…it’s fiction.

Take a look at some examples:

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