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Surf Rental San Diego

SurfboardsPacific surf school has a large variety of surfing equipment available for rentals. We carry soft top surf boards, fiberglass surf boards in any size and shape, Stand Up paddle boards, body boards for adults and kids, skim boards and wetsuits in all sizes are available for you to Rent all year round.

Our surf boards are state of the art high tech soft tops for your safety and novice surfers.We also have a range of regular Surf board rentals available for experienced surfers only. Our soft top board rentals vary from 6′ feet boards to 10″ feet surf boards and if you do not have a wetsuit we also rent wetsuits and rash guards for your convenience.

During the summer we offer the opportunity to Rent surf boards for an hourly, daily or weekly rate, subject to availability. To arrange a surf board rental in San Diego all you need to do is show up at our store and leave your ID and credit card imprint as down payment. If you like you may also get an introductory surf lesson with your rental if you are a total novice and would be the safer option, safety is always first at Pacificsurf school.

Customers need to return the Surf Board Rental/wetsuit clean of sand with the leash tightly wrapped around the tail of the surf board.

If you would like to Rent a Stand up paddle board please check with our staff.

Surf Board Rental Rates
One hour Two hours Daily Wetsuit Rashguard
$ 15 $ 25 $ 35 $ 10 $ 10



Surf board and wetsuits rentals must be returned in person to our store. Board rentals may not be given in to an instructor on the beach. Due to the high volume of customers during the summer,instructors and beach staff are not responsible for your surf board rental. Boards or wetsuits that are not accounted for will be charged $380 to the customers credit card for each surf board and $200 for a wetsuit.

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