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Girl learning to surfSurfing………… longer a boys club!!!!

An international surf school and an all female surf school for girls, Surfer Girls and Pacific Surf International are setting the grounds for the female surf market. ALL OVER THE WORLD!! “Gidget culture” is back. Surfer Girls sponsored by a Californian organization called Pacific surf school has grown drastically over the last few summers on the international market with two other franchises on the globe.

“We are preparing and expecting no limits for the rush of female surfers that will be looking to learn to surf this summer”.

Woman on the beachSo come on GIRLS, get out into the sun, put on some sun block and lets get those butts moving and working and we will get you surfing in no time!!!

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Day Surf Camp Beach Activities

Along with surfing, campers participate in beach activities, surf competitions on Fridays with pizza and soft drinks during their presentations of certificates, visit surfboard factories, environmental education, including ocean awareness and safety. Students develop skills in and around the water that provide a foundation for fun safe and better surfing in the future.

Our surf instructors and day camp monitors/leaders/coordinators are qualified ocean lifeguards, certified in CPR and Red Cross techniques.

Girls in the Pacific Surf School* All equipment included: loaner soft top surf boards, a certificate of completion, and T-shirt from Pacific Surf School.

* Each class is limited with a 1:4 instructor/student ratio.



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