Surfer Social Media

May 2, 2017

If you know a lot of surfers, then I’m sure the words “social media” and “surfers” sounds a bit silly to you. And that is because many surfers are way more focused on the ocean and the beauty around them and don’t care about the technological focus of society today. That being said, those who are in tune with technology and surf social media do a great job to create an online world surrounding surfing. Whether it is blogs like the one’s I write for you guys or Instagram pages or magazines or websites with webcams, there are so many social resources for people to use to follow surfing or indulge themselves in the culture electronically. If you are someone that wants to be part of that but doesn’t necessarily know where to look then this blog is for you! Let’s start with the first form of surf social media, the websites…

  1. World Surf League
    • WSL provides its viewers with all of the up to date statistics on professional surfers, the tournament results and and upcoming competitions around the globe. It gives you free streaming of all major surf competitions. They even have fantasy surfing for all of you fantasy sports fanactics!


  1. Surfline
    • Surfline is another surfing social media website that is well known for it’s surf webcams. These webcams are set up all over the world and can give you an extremely accurate read on the tides, wave heights and conditions daily. You can find all of the surfing current events on this site as well.


Next form of surf social media is Instagram. Instagram is a fun way for surfers or surf lovers to post photos and videos of surfing, surf travel or the surf culture. Here are a few of our favorite accounts:


Next on our online surf social media list is online magazines. One particular magazine I would recommend would be SURFER Magazine. You can read the articles online but they still do print! SURFER Magazine has been around for many years and has a wealth of information ranging from the latest news to the best informative blogs on surfing.

Surf social media is truly a way for the surf community to stay up to date with current events, follow competitions and indulge in the captivating photography of surfing. We hope that you guys check out some of these surf social media sites and accounts and are inspired to learn to surf yourself (if you don’t already). Make sure to follow our accounts as well on Instagram @pacificsurfsd. And keep reading our blogs!