Photo Packages!

April 23, 2017
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Why you should get a photo package…

Surfer Girl
Some of you may read the title this blog and think it’s silly that someone would need convincing to buy a photo package of their first experience surfing but some people do. The intention of this blog isn’t to take your money but rather to put into perspective why we offer our photo packages. If you ask any professional surfer what it was like catching his or her first wave the answer will be something along the lines of “it was better than my first kiss” or “it was the most amazing rush I’ve ever felt”. Regardless of whether or not you are taking a surf lesson for fun or with the intention of becoming a pro surfing, it’s an experience you will never forget and will probably share stories about with family and friends for many years. If you do plan on becoming a pro think about how awesome it will be to see your transition down the line. Kelly Slater himself says that he sees the same look on the faces of brand new surfers catching their first wave as he does on the faces of his pro surf buddies pulling in to overhead barrels or nailing huge aerials. The photos are great to add onto a Christmas card especially if you take a group lesson with the whole family or even just the daily Instagram post! Keep friends and family up to date with your healthy lifestyle! Not to mention the few wipe outs that get caught on camera. Those are the real winners! Here are some photos from recent photo packages for you to look through and get an idea what we’re talking about!

Boy learning to surf

Girl learning to surf

Boy surfing

We also do the traditional Hawaiian shots…

Surfer people with surfboards

Man and woman in the surfing lesson

Man in the surfing lesson

Just like the old days!