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Overnight Surf Camp San Diego

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1. When does 5 day overnight camp start?
5 Day overnight surf camp begins Monday morning at 8:00 am, we have a short orientation and check-in for parents who have escorted their children.

2. Where do we meet?
We meet at our our store. 3669 Ocean Front Walk, Mission Beach, San Diego. click here

3. I am flying in for 5 Day Overnight camp to San Diego’s Lindbergh field airport, what times can I arrive so that the shuttle can pick me up?
5 Day campers flying in must arrive on Monday morning between 9-10 am

4. When does 5 Day Overnight camp end?
5 Day Overnight camp ends on Friday at 1-4 pm for parental pick up.

5. At which times can I book my return flights if I am staying for the 5 Day Overnight camp?
5 Day overnight campers departing from Lindberg field must depart on Friday between 2-4pm campers that require early or later airport drop off will be charged a $25 surcharge fee.

6. When does weekend Vacation rentals start?
Weekend vacation rentals start on Friday afternoon at 2:30pm and check out is at noon on sunday .

7. Where do I drop my luggage?
Campers can drop their luggage at the Santa Clara drop off.Please not campers must come prepared with a backpack and swimwear,sunblock to spend the day at the beach.Our camp staff will bring luggage to camp base.

8. If my parents are staying at your family overnight camp or staying in a hotel in San Diego are we allowed to go out with them even though we are attending an Overnight program?
Campers are welcome to dine out once with parents, if parents are staying in San Diego, however there is a 10pm curfew and must be scheduled with our office well in advance.

9. Do I need pocket money and how much should I bring?
Campers must bring pocket money, you will be provided with three hearty meals a day & drinks, at meals time. For extra snacks and personal items or spending money for extra-curricular activities it is advised to bring an additional $150-$200 pocket money for the week.

10. Can we bring Cell phones to camp?
Campers are only allowed to use cell phones during specified times due to camp rules & regulations.

11. How many meals a day do you provide?
Campers will receive three hearty meals per day with drinks and dessert at dinner time. Breakfast is hearty and is self service. Lunch and dinner are served and made for campers with “camp helpers” participating with the meals preparation. Campers will have access to supermarkets to buy extra snacks or special needs.

12. I am a vegetarian, do you have meals for Vegetarians?
Yes we do, however it is advisable that you contact our office well in advance for special arrangements.

13. Do you have supervised activities in the evenings?
In the evening after dinner, we offer short sight seeing trips to local attractions, watch surf movies, slide shows of the days surfing, have bon fires by the bay, play cards and games.

14. Do boys and girls sleep separately?
Boys and girls stay in separate rooms, we provide campers with comfortable beds, linen service, hot showers, surf videos, TV and DVD. Campers are supervised 24 hours by experienced male and female counselors.

15. Who are our surf instructors and camp monitors?
Our surf instructors and monitors are locals; they are fun and friendly and have worked with our team for many summers over the years. All surf instructors and monitors are certified in CPR and first aid.

16. Do you supply surf boards and wetsuits during overnight camp?
Boards and wetsuits are supplied to each student.

17. During overnight camp do we get to surf everyday?
Five Day surf camp ends on Friday at 1:30 pm. A small graduation party is held and each student is presented with a certificate of completion and one photo, stickers etc. Parents are welcome to visit on the last day if scheduled through our office.

18. What do I need to bring to the beach during my overnight camp surf lessons
During the day it is advisable that campers bring, sunblock,sunglasses, a hat, a beach towel, snacks such as water, drinks and fresh fruits.

19.Does Pacific surf provide campers with food or snacks during the lessons?
Campers should have a big hearty breakfast back at camp base as lunch will o be served around 2pm after morning session surf class. Snacks during lessons are not provided. During lessons you will have a break, whereby a camp counselor will escort any of those wanting to go to the convenience store.

20. What time is breakfast
Breakfast is 7:30 am.

21. What time is dinner ?
Dinner is between 7pm-8pm.

22.What time do we go to bed?
Bed time is between 10-10:30 pm.


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